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Who is

To our customers, we are the order processor who charged your credit card.  Likely, you came to us because your school age child, grandchild, neighbor...  was selling a product offered by our partners.


To our partners and vendors, we are a fundraising software management company.  We provide hosted software that creates connections between you and your fundraising groups, improves your bottom line and creates efficiencies in your fundraising processes.

Why CC Charge

Why do I have a credit card charge from

If you have a credit card charge that shows as "" or "pp*" you have recently supported a fundraising group.  Likely, you were supporting a student, child, grandchild... as they sell flowers or other products to help support their school or school group (band, athletics, school trip).

Still uncertain about your charge?  Fill out the contact form below.  A member of our team will contact you shortly.

Covid-19 Official Statement

With the current pandemic of Covid-19, we want to assure our fundraising groups as well as customers who have made purchases that all of our vendors are moving forward during the Fall fundraising season.  All vendors intend to ship product while following the guidelines set out by the CDC and state officials.

I already purchased flowers.  What should I do?

To our valued customers who have supported fundraising groups; please know that all vendors intend to deliver the products that you have purchased. Together with you, we want to make sure the fundraising groups that depend on the fundraiser income are able to receive your support.

While we recognize that the current situation is very fluid, we ask that you currently do not request a refund for your orders. Also, please do not request refunds directly through your bank/credit card company. These types of requests will end up costing your fundraising group money.

And finally, please know that if all plans fail and product is not able to be safely delivered, refunds will be issued at that time. On behalf of each and every fundraising group, team and student, we appreciate your support and patience.

Contact Us

For additional information concerning your credit card charge, please fill out the form below.

Thank you for submitting your question. You can expect to hear from us shortly.

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